August 20, 2010

Levi's Curve ID Jeans

WWD had an article on Levi's Curve ID last August 9th. It reminded me of this body scanner at the mall that I worked retail at five years ago. It was Intellifit. I stood in the middle of a booth, held my arms out and these red lasers spun around me and did their thing. A few seconds later, out comes a print out and a card with a bar code suggesting my sizes for tops, different fit bottoms (pants and denim), dresses for a few specialty chain brands that participated or maybe sponsored Intellifit. I thought the technology was sooo cool in a nerdy kind of way. So off I went to the stores to check accuracy. Tops of course are always easier. Bottoms, specially denim are always, always a struggle. Intellifit though pretty much got it down. I kept my Intellifit card but my googling has proved futile. They must have changed company names.

Levi's has used a similar 3D scanning technology in their newly launched denim offering. 

Which curve am I?
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Here's their SVP of Merchandising & Design discussing the new system.

Wow, 54% of women try on at least 10 pairs before getting even slightly close to the one? I'm nodding to that! It can be such an ordeal! When I find a pair that fits, I semi-hoard! Levi's claims that their Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve IDs represent 80% of women. They're in the best position to make the claim! After all, Levi's INVENTED jeans right? I love it when brands take consumer insights and feedbacks to heart so I'm going to find me a Levi's store and give these a shot soon! 

I'm hopeful! It's hard enough finding the one, we can at least have help with THE ONE in jeans! =)=) Toink! Good lucky girls!!!!

- the one that elongates
- the one that doesn't gape in the waist
- the one that enhances your butt
- the one that is the right length (for heels & flats)
- the one that doesn't cost an arm and both your legs 
etc.... etc....

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