August 06, 2010

I Want Gap's Legging Jeans

Back to school season means denim on denim on denim in stores. Gap goes all out every year, obviously it is a core business. It has been years since I last bought jeans from the Gap and worked retail for them - in denim no less!!! I'm quite particular on fits and for awhile, their jean offering was just well, blah. Except for their long time Long & Leans and now discontinued 1969 Western Boot Cuts. Nothing fit me. I'm petite with a little meat! I don't know of anyone who's had it easy finding THE ONE. 

- the one that elongates
- the one that doesn't gape in the waist
- the one that enhances your butt
- the one that is the right length (for heels & flats)
- the one that doesn't cost an arm and both your legs 
etc.... etc....

I have leggings, I have skinny jeans. But I don't own and have fallen behind the "jeggings" trend! (By the way, I'm cringing as I type. I hate the sound of that term!) About two weeks ago, I spied these legging jeans from the Gap. 
Retails at $69.50

I tried them on and they fit me gooood!!!! 

At 5'0, I always have issues with length (sometimes even in petite sizing), these worked out. Some bunching at the hem but not at all sloppy looking right? I checked the label (always been a habit) and there was ample stretch which held and gave in all the right places. Anything over 2% spandex though, I'd be cautious. I've made the mistake of buying denim in excess of 5% spandex and those just sag, sag, sag (at the knees and butt) after wearing them a full day. This cut would pair well with all your sandals, flats, heels and tuck nicely into boots as we transition into the Fall. 

These are the washes from the website. I picked the faded dark wash and faded black wash in the pictures. For the most part, I like my denim dark and pretty solid. 
Denim's always a challenge to buy isn't it? I have helped a lot of women (& men) find their fit during my retail days and gotten thank you hugs! I understand how frustrating it can be! I have spent hours in fitting rooms trying all fits at all price point levels at several denim bars for myself. When I find THE ONE, I buy in multiples and wear them to shreds. I've gone through Old Navy, Banana Republic (Petite!), Express (Short!) and Topshop. Now, I'm on a Madewell and Loft (Petite!) phase. Am I glad I don't do so well with designer denim - saves me a ton of moolah!!

As soon as I get wind of a coupon / offer / promotion with a substantial discount, I'm getting at least three pairs! Relaunch after relaunch after relaunch, Gap got this one right! Hooorah!! I'm always loyal to the Gap!

Go try 'em on girls! 
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  1. Chelle, these are LOVE !!! =)

    I learned to appreciate slim legs during my last visit! =)

    Bought a pair of slim leg last week at Debenhams for 1000 pesos only !!! =)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! =)

  2. Thanks for the input, Minggay! Even at 5'4" (sige na nga, 5'3"), I have a hard time buying jeans. Ankle nga ako sa Gap Bootcut e. They had the $35 sale and I got 2 pairs. LOL! This is definitely a good find!


See you again soon okay? =)


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