August 10, 2010

I Want Slim Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are popping in stores. There must be a utilitarian trend going on. I own two pairs that are cargo-ish from at least five years ago that I still actively wear.

A pair from Topshop circa 2004 I think 
As you can see, the legs are straight. Mind you, these are old!!! The updates that's seen across bottoms a few seasons now are that the legs are narrower - skinny, slim, ankle, cigarette. Whatever your terminology maybe.

Why not cargo pants too? I repeatedly saw J.Brand Houlihan Slim Cargo Pants as the IT pair in trendier blogs. They'll set you back by $231 at Bergdorf's. Toink!

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Of course, there are alternatives for us without trust funds. YAY for specialty chains! Back in March, there was that J.Crew pair that I gushed about. I perused the site. Look!
In ripstop - wear later!
In camo!! ha!!
In silk - linen - wear now!
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I saw nices ones at Loft . Here are two of four colors for $59.50.  
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Of course I try them in petites! =)
I like the length and the absence of bulk where pockets would ordinarily be - slit pockets!!!

Alternating feminine cargos with your skinny denim sounds like a Fall plan to me. I'm anticipating deals for these already. 

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